Mr. Comissiong provided an opportunity for students to learn and apply
principles of hip-hop pedagogy to their course work and internships with
elementary students in ways they never before imagined.  The resources and
wealth of knowledge displayed by Mr. Comissiong and his Consulting
Company left my students in awe of the possibilities and tools they would now
have the ability to access as a result of the training. The presentation and
material was both relevant and effective in illuminating diversity practices and
training for students on the graduate level as well as illuminating educational
strategies for undergraduate students.  Mr. Comissiong’s passion for
education and learning is contagious!
Dr. Jennifer Bacon
University of Maryland
Minority and Urban Education


“Thank you for an excellent presentation and engaging historical summary
of Hip-Hop as converging African-American, Latino and Jamaican cultural
manifestations with very positive contributions to both American society
and world culture.”

Today’s youth need this type of information to understand that it is the
public school system that is dysfunctional, and not their cultural reality.
American society cannot continue to reward the Hip Hop cultural
innovations, while rejecting the developmental needs of the very youth
who make such innovations economically viable.”
– Ed McPherson, Virginia Tech Faculty Member


“The workshop has basically given me more encouragement to keep moving
in a positive direction when it comes to properly educating people about
various issues.  Hip-Hop has historically addressed various social issues
and we owe it to ourselves and our ancestors to start bringing these issues to
the table and address them. If people don’t know about these problems, then
they will continue to be complacent and carry on their lives thinking that
everyone is happy. I’m going to continue to keep in touch with you, and to update you on any
progress we have made in order to make Virginia Tech a better environment
for everyone. I am looking forward to sharing any ideas.”
– Shawn Braxton, Virginia Tech College Student


“Using the powerful and engaging “soundtrack” of his youth,
Solomon Comissiong provides a rich historical context for Hip
Hop Culture.  Mr. Comissiong’s passion for the music and
culture that helped shape and inform his life is contagious.
His presentation gives students an opportunity to anchor Hip
Hop culture in the roots of resistance, ingenuity,
originality and fun.  As a result, students will look more
critically at mainstream music and the commodification of
youth.  They will also consider the potential that this music
and other aspects of Hip Hop Culture has to reach and teach.”
-Dr. Regina Young

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