Solomon Comissiong

Solomon Comissiong
 black history month speech
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Solomon W.F. Comissiong is the President and owner of SCMB
Educational Consulting, LLC. Comissiong’s personal and pedagogical philosophies influence the
content of his lectures and training sessions.
The University of Rhode Island graduate is passionate about improving education, within the United States, and developing ways to insure that all  students will have an opportunity to learn. Comissiong believes that learning can occur best by means most familiar to the student. He uses a familiar base to jump-start learning the unfamiliar.Solomon Comissiong’s commitment to culling out the positives from Hip Hop  Culture in order to create a bridge between contemporary generations, mature scholars and reluctant young learners is part of his Mindset Transference theory. He is a skilled and passionate orator who engages his audiences as he demonstrates, within the content of his presentations, the style and commitment that has won him popularity among fellow
educators and a wide range of student populations.

Mr. Comissiong received both his undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Rhode Island.  His undergraduate degree is in Communications and his subsequent master’s degree was in College Student Personnel and Family Studies. Comissiong has a strong affinity for multicultural education and is responsible for the inception, and development of the theory known as Mindset Transference. He and his colleagues at SCMB Educational Consulting use Mindset Transference, among other techniques, in their work with students ranging from primary school to college. Comissiong is completing a teacher education and mentoring text book and training manual based on the principles encompassing Mindset Transference and his life experiences.



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