Services We Provide

Services We Provide:

At SCMB Educational Consulting, we offer you an array of
Educational Workshops designed to fit your school or organization’s needs.

Once acquiring our services, we will: assess your group’s/individual needs, prepare a presentation catered to your group, develop and mold a signature workshop for your group, and deliver it in a truly dynamic manner. Our workshops are extremely educational, dynamic, and entertaining! Please do not hesitate to request a detailed brochure. We will send it to you upon request.

Listed below are some of the
Workshops we offer:

Academic Retention and Enthusiasm:

This workshop was developed to help your students achieve   higher levels of academic success. We have developed a theory that we call Mindset Transference, which manipulates your student’s extra curricular interests to help them retain academic information, and appreciate their academic curriculum in fun manner. Knowledge is one of the fundamental elements of Hip Hop culture. We use its
principles to impart a large appetite for knowledge. This workshop has proven to be effective and engaging.

Teacher/Educator Professional Development:

Our talented staff has extensive experience working within the primary, secondary, and higher educational fields. We have a passion to help our colleagues within those fields develop additional creative and highly effective ways to help their students learn better. We will come to your school and present a workshop catered to your valued faculty and/or staff. Our professional development workshops are very interactive for all participants.

Developing Culturally Competent Youth

(Click the flyer below to read an enlarged description)

Cultural Competence Workshop Flyer

Diversity Appreciation and Education:

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We have creatively developed this workshop by using musical genres (e.g. Hip Hop, Reggae), film, and other pop-cultural trends to ingeniously infuse diversity appreciation and education. This workshop works well with students and company employees alike.

Community Development and Civic Engagement:

Our Community Development Matrix (C.D.M) utilizes the dynamics the of Hip Hop culture to invigorate and plant the seeds for building a strong community, no matter where you are. This model is highly conducive in infusing strong civic engagement qualities into those who participate.

“Knowledge is King.” -Kool Moe Dee

Hip Hop History:


Hip Hop is a truly amazing culture which brings together people of all races, and cultural backgrounds. It annually draws in hundreds of millions of dollars in profits. It has a history that dates back to the early 1970’s.

It is derived from musical and cultural influences that span the globe and date back to ancient Africa.

We use this workshop to educate audiences in an entertaining manner, while detailing all of its contributions worldwide. Regardless what your musical preference is, this workshop is sure to entertain your group.

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