Listed Below are Three of the Many Resources we use
to effectively Facilitate our Workshops:

Mindset Transference Theory:

Students learn differently from one to the next, and it is a responsibility of educators to develop various methods in which students can grasp the information that is being disseminated within their classroom milieu. This onus is one of the ultimate challenges of today’s educators.

It can become a daunting task when  challenged with students who find the class material uninteresting, or irrelevant to them. Imagine what results, we, as educators, could see in our students if we can just tap into their psyche and somehow motivate them to be enthusiastic about their studies on a consistent basis?

This is the whole premise behind Mindset Transference! 

Mindset Transference is a student development theory, which we have created, and honed for educational purposes.

Our Curricula:

At SCMB we have developed curric
ula based around the elements of Hip-Hop Culture. Within these elements live, the true meaning of what Hip-Hop represents. Our revolutionary style of teaching is not only educational, but it is equally effective. It is a breath of fresh air circulated into conventional methods of teaching.

Some Elements of Hip-Hop Culture:

1.The MC (Master of Ceremonies)

2.The DJ (Disc Jockey)

3.The B-boy/B-Girl

4. Knowledge


Community Development Matrix:

Through our Community Development Matrix (C.D.M) we utilize the positive influence Hip Hop has had on culture worldwide. It has created community beyond race, ethnicity and age around the globe, from the Bronx to Beijing.  These are the exact types of communities that exist within college campuses, secondary education school systems, and work milieus throughout the United States.  However, why have we not accepted this current trend within our educational systems, as well as work related environments? We can show you how easily this can be incorporated into your school, or workplace.

“Mining the Positive Motivators of Hip Hop to Educate” is a recently published book written by Solomon Comissiong, which details  the educational trials and tribulations he endured as a youth and how, through Hip Hop Culture, he overcame them. If you are interested in learning more about this book and possibly purchasing it, please click below:

Mining the Positive Motivators from Hip Hop to Educate


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