“Mining the Positive Motivators from Hip Hop: How I Met Knowledge
and Education Thru Hip Hop Culture”

“How Jamaal Discovered Hip Hop Culture”


The first book, Mining the Positive Motivators from Hip Hop, details
many of the academic trials and tribulations I endured as a youth and
how, through, Hip Hop Culture, I overcame them. It discusses how I
utilize Hip Hop Culture as a tool for progressive education. This is the
perfect book for teachers and parents who are yearning to gain more of
an understanding about Hip Hop Culture and how they can use it to
bridge the gap between them and their kids/students.

Jamaal Discovers Hip Hop

The second book, How Jamaal Discovered Hip Hop Culture, is an
inspiring tale about a young African-America boy who discovers various
aspects of Black history by learning about the true history of Hip Hop
Culture. On a warm summer day Jamaal’s older brother teaches him
about Hip Hop Culture and so much more.


This is a book that parents can feel comfortable to give to their children
to read, or to even read along with them. This book respects the
potential and talents of the young reader by creating an exciting and
educational tale which will improve their overall vocabulary, self-
esteem, community engagement, and knowledge of history.

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