SCMB Educational Consulting, LLC
“The Place Where Hip Hop Meets Knowledge & Education”

 What We Do:

We offer a wide array of dynamic and fun workshops and speeches for Educational Institutions, as well as small to large companies. Our workshops are designed to promote academic enthusiasm, diversity education, community development, and civic engagement. Our use of unconventional mediums, such as Hip Hop Culture and Athletics, to convey our messages continues to be very effective in creating a truly educational and dynamic experience for students, faculty, and/or staff. We strategize creative ways to enable students to achieve their academic potential.  Additionally, we provide professional development seminars for teachers. These seminars are designed to enable teachers/educators to utilize our practices within their own classroom milieus.



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“Innovations in Education”
We creatively employ all aspects Hip Hop Culture as viable tools within our workshops to captivate and educate audiences.


How we do it:
Our staff of dedicated and well trained consultants utilize a variation of unique practices, theories, paradigms, and  a revolutionary curriculum to provide your targeted group with the very best in educational consulting services.


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